Are You a Social Media Person? IELTS Speaking (10 Example Answers)

In part one of your IELTS test, you might be asked, “Are you a social media person?” This means “Do you like social media and use it a lot?”

Let’s take a look at how to answer this question for a band-seven score. Below, you can also see 10 good example answers (go straight to the answers here). 

Natural English Tip: “I’m Not a (Something) Person”

When talking about things we really enjoy doing or dislike doing, we sometimes say ‘I’m a (something) person’ or ‘I’m not really a (something) person.’

To make this phrase, use noun + person. For example:

I’m not really a dog person. I prefer cats.

I’m definitely a people person. I love spending time with others.

We most commonly use this phrase when saying that we dislike something, for example:

I’m not much of a coffee person. Coffee stops me from sleeping well.

I’m afraid I’m not a computer person. I never know what’s wrong with my laptop. 

We rarely use this phrase in positive sentences. So we would rarely say:

I’m a coffee person.

I’m a computer person.

Now let’s look at how to answer this question.

If You Do Like and Use Social Media 

First, say that you use social media a lot. Then add one or two more sentences. You could say:

  • Why you like social media
  • What social media platforms you use (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Wechat, Weibo, Kuaishou, LinkedIn…)
  • How often you use social media
  • What you use social media for (entertainment, family and friends, business, news…)
  • How long you’ve been using it for
  • Anything else that comes to mind

If You Don’t Like and Use Social Media

Just say that you don’t use social media. Then you could talk about:

  • Why you dislike social media
  • If you use it rarely or avoid it completely
  • Whether you used social media in the past or not
  • Why you stopped using it
  • Any times when you do use social media because you have to
  • People you know who love social media
  • If you’d like to start using it in future
  • Anything else you can think of

Focus on Fluency

In part one, it’s best to keep your answers short and natural and fast. 

Don’t pause for long moments, trying to think of advanced vocabulary to use. 

Just answer as quickly as you can, focusing on fluency (speaking without hesitation).

You can keep your vocabulary and grammar quite simple in part one. That’s fine. 

You’ll be using more advanced English in parts two and three, when you’re warmed up and have more time to think. 

The Three-Step YES Method Keeps It Short

Also, don’t say too much in part one. Answer with one or two or three quick sentences. Then stop talking. 

The examiner has 10 or 12 questions to ask you in part one. So give them time to ask them all.

The three-step YES Method can help you to give just the right length of answer. Simply say:

  • Your answer (say ‘yes, am’ or ‘no, I’m not’)
  • Explain your answer, or add a few more details
  • Stop talking (let the examiner know you’re ready for the next question)

Now let’s look at 10 good example answers to this social media question.

‘Yes, I Am’ Answers

1. Yes, I am. I love social media and I use it all the time. My favorite apps are Instagram and Facebook. Social media is a great way to share photos and entertaining things with friends.

2. Yes, I suppose I am. Mostly, I use Weibo every day to learn about things happening in the news. And I like using wechat to communicate with friends and family. 

3. Yes, I am. I’m actually a social media marketing expert. My job is helping small business owners to market their products on various social media platforms in my country. 

4. Yes, I am. I think everyone has to use social media these days. I’ve been using Facebook and Twitter for at least ten years. 

5. Yes, I love social media because it’s such an easy way to communicate with friends and meet new people. 

‘No, I’m Not’ Answers

6. No, I’m not. I never really got into social media. I’m not very good with apps and technology. If I want to talk to a friend, I just call them.

7. No, not at all. In fact, I really dislike social media because I think Facebook and TikTok are designed to be addictive, and in the end, those platforms make people very unhappy.

8. No, I’m not. I used to use social media a lot but I decided to quit all social media apps because I want to live a more peaceful life, without all those distractions. 

‘Kind Of’ Answers

9. I suppose I’m kind of a social media person. I have to use Facebook a bit to advertise my online store. But apart from that I don’t use social media very much.

10. Yes, I am. But I only use social media in a very limited way. I use it to stay in touch with my close friends and family. That’s all. 

Your Turn To Answer

Now give this question a go yourself. 

When you answer, it’s best to record yourself. That way you can listen to your answer and notice any mistakes or hesitation.

Imagine you’re in the test now. Set up your recorder and ask out loud, “Are you a social person?”

Listen to your own answer, and then answer it again. Try to improve a little each time.

This is a fantastic way to get ready for part one of your IELTS Speaking test. 

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