Achieve Band 7 in Your IELTS Speaking Test

Preparation Steps

The secret to success in IELTS Speaking is careful preparation. Learn tips and tricks on how to prepare more easily and effectively, starting today.

Model Answers

Read hundreds of answers from a native English speaker and teacher. Borrow ideas, copy the language, and speak more fluently.

Confidence Tips

Understand clearly what the examiner wants to hear. Answer each question with natural-sounding, conversational English, and confidence.

Vocabulary Ideas

Boost your IELTS vocabulary with carefully designed word groups that are packed with interesting words, phrases, and idioms.

Use Stronger IELTS Speaking Strategy

Avoid the common mistakes made by students with no strategy. Each part of IELTS Speaking requires a different strategy and focus. For part one, short and simple answers are fine as long as you speak confidently, without hesitation. For part two, you must keep talking and talking and talking, while also using more interesting, advanced vocabulary. And for part three, the key is to focus on explaining your opinions in detail using examples. See specific strategies for each part below

Part One Tips

Use the simple three-step YES Method for all your part-one answers

Part Two Tips

Use word groups and stories to reach a band-seven score in part two.

Part Three Tips

Use the three-step SEE Method to impress the examiner in part three.

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