Are There Many Rooms In Your Home? IELTS Speaking (10 Example Answers)

In part one of your IELTS Speaking test, you’ll often talk about your home. One question you might get is, “Are there many rooms in your home?”

Below, you’ll learn how to give a great answer to this question, including 10 good examples (go straight to the answers here). 

What You Can Say

First, say how many rooms there are in your home (more or less). Then you want to say another sentence or two. You could say:

  • What the rooms are 
  • How many rooms there are on each floor (if you live in a multi-floored house)
  • Which rooms you use the most
  • Which room is your favorites
  • What kind of house or apartment you live in
  • How long you’ve lived there
  • If there are enough rooms, or not enough
  • Who you live with
  • If there were more or fewer rooms in your previous home
  • If you’d like a home with more rooms
  • Anything else that comes to mind

Don’t Hesitate

In part one, you should try to answer as quickly as possible. Speak quickly and fluently. Try not to hesitate at all. 

So if you live in a larger house and you’re not sure exactly how many rooms, don’t hesitate for several seconds while you count them in your mind. Just start talking immediately. You can say something like this:

There are about six or seven rooms. 

I think there are seven or eight rooms in my home in total.

Let me see. Off the top of my head, I’d say there are five rooms in my home. Or maybe six.

Example Answers

Check out the following 10 examples, from which you can borrow ideas for your own answer.

1. Yes, there are five rooms in my apartment. There’s a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. There’s also a balcony, but I don’t think the balcony really counts as a room.

2. Yes, there are. I think there are seven rooms in my house. That’s four rooms on the ground floor and three rooms upstairs. 

3. No, there aren’t. I live in a tiny studio apartment, so it only has two rooms. One big room serves as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom together. The other room is the bathroom.

4. No, there are only four rooms in my home. I share a one-bedroom apartment in Lyon. It’s cozy and small but big enough for the two of us. 

5. I’ve recently moved into a new apartment, which is quite spacious and has six or seven rooms in total. So I think that’s quite a lot of rooms. 

6. Yes, there are. Let me see. I think there are eight rooms. Maybe nine rooms in total. I share a large house with four flatmates. 

7. My home has five rooms, which is more than my previous home, which only had three rooms. In future, I hope to own a house with seven or eight rooms. 

8. No, there aren’t. My flat has only four rooms: two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. I share it with my sister. 

9. Yes, but I’m not sure how many rooms there are in my home. Let me think about it. I guess there are six or seven rooms in total. It’s quite a large house. 

10. Well, I live in student halls, so I only really live in a single room with a bathroom. But if you include the whole building, then there are dozens of rooms. 

Now You Try To Answer

Set up the recorder on your phone and answer this question as quickly as you can. 

Ask aloud, “Are there many rooms in your home?” 

After you’ve answered, listen to your recording, and try to find one mistake or moment of hesitation.

Then… answer it again!

This process is a fine way to prepare yourself for part one of your IELTS Speaking test.

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