Describe Your Favorite Singer: IELTS Speaking (3 Cue Cards With Example Answers)

If you need to talk about your favorite singer in part two of your IELTS Speaking test, then your cue card will probably say: ‘Describe your favorite singer,’ or something similar. 

Let’s look at how to give a great answer to this question, including three cue cards with good example answers (go straight to the answers here).

What You Can Talk About

To describe a singer, you can talk about:

  • What kind of music they sing
  • Why you like them so much 
  • How good their voice sounds 
  • If they sing solo or if they’re the lead singer in a band
  • Why you think they’re so talented, creative, or successful
  • Why you love the lyrics of their songs
  • Why you like the singer’s character or personal story
  • How long you’ve liked them for 
  • When you listen to them 
  • How their music makes you feel 
  • When you first got into (became interested in) them 
  • If you’ve ever seen them perform live
  • The impact their music has had on your life 
  • Anything else that comes to mind

Tip One: Focus on Vocabulary 

If you want to achieve a band-seven score in part two, focus mostly on using interesting vocabulary. 

A great way to do this is to prepare a few word groups. 

A word group is a collection of interesting words and phrases you can use to describe one person.

For example, you might prepare a word group to describe a creative person, a kind person, a hard-working person, or an intelligent person. 

How Do You Use Word Groups?

If you have a word group to describe a ‘creative person’ (imaginative, inventive, unconventional, full of ideas, thinks outside the box…) you can use this word group to answer many different questions about a person you know. 

You could use these ‘intelligent person’ words and phrases to describe:

  • A singer you like
  • A famous person
  • A child you know
  • Someone you admire
  • An elderly person you know
  • Many more part-two questions about people

Learn more about word groups here (and see many example word groups too).

Tip Two: Use Apps to Prepare

The easiest way to memorize word groups is with a good memorization app like Anki App, which uses spaced repetition to make sure you really remember the words. 

If you put two or three new word groups into Anki App each week, you’ll soon have a broad and very interesting range of vocabulary to use. 

You can also use popular apps like Cake and Elsa to become familiar with interesting, natural English words and phrases. 

Tip Three: Tell a Story

For your part-two answers, it’s also a good idea to prepare a few stories. These stories should be from your own memory, which makes them easier to remember and tell. 

With a story, you can:

  • Keep talking for 30 to 60 seconds easily
  • Show off your past tenses (past simple, past continuous, past perfect…)
  • Use vocabulary from your word groups to help tell the story

You could prepare a story now related to a singer you like. You might then use that same story in other questions as well. 

Preparing quick stories is a fantastic skill for IELTS. 

The more stories you prepare, the easier it will become to quickly think of stories and tell them in English, even without preparation. 

And on top of that, nothing improves your past tenses as well as telling stories. 

Example Answers

See how both word groups and stories are used in the following three example answers.

Favorite Singer Cue Card One

Describe your favorite singer.

You should say:

  • Who the singer is 
  • What kind of music they sing
  • When you first discovered this singer 

And say why they are your favorite singer. 

I’m going to talk about a singer called Freddie Mercury, who was the lead singer in a popular ’80s band called Queen. Freddie Mercury was a remarkably talented singer with an incredible voice. He sang very original, wonderful, catchy pop songs that are still popular today in the UK and all around the world. 

Not only was Freddie an exceptional singer, but he was also a very gifted songwriter. In fact, he wrote many of the band’s best songs. So he was really multitalented, and many people see him as a virtuoso and musical genius, full of raw talent and outstanding skill. He is certainly one of the best and most loved musical stars in England. And when I travel to other countries, I often hear his songs played on the radio. 

I remember once I was in Hong Kong and I heard local people singing ‘We Are the Champions,’ which is one of Freddie Mercury’s songs. It gave me a very war, happy feeling. 

I first started listening to Freddie Mercury’s music when I was a teenager. I don’t remember exactly when I first heard his music, but I know that it really took my breath away. It was so incredibly good. When I hear his music today it reminds me of those happy teenage years. 

 At that time, I found his music really powerful and moving and fun, and I listened to his songs all the time. I even knew the lyrics to most of his songs. My friends and I would often sing along to his greatest hits like Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You. As a teenager, I was quite emotional at times, like any teenager, and many of Queen’s songs helped me to express my feelings, whether I was feeling sad or full of joy. 

(Word Group Used: ‘Talented Person’)

Gifted, Skilled, Masterful, Remarkable, Remarkably talented, Exceptional, Incredible, Multitalented, Raw talent, Virtuoso, Prodigy, Was born to do this thing, Outstanding skill, Breathtaking skill, First-class, Got what it takes, One of the best, Takes my breath away, A star in the making. 

See many more word groups here.

Favorite Singer Cue Card Two

Describe your favorite singer.

You should say:

  • Who this singer is
  • How successful or famous they are 
  • How long you’ve been listening to their music for

Why this is such a special singer for you.

I’m going to talk about an American singer called Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a hugely popular and widely celebrated singer and songwriter from America. She sings a kind of country pop style of music, and she’s won many awards for her music. 

She’s incredibly successful. In fact, I think Taylor Swift is one of the most famous names in music around the world. I remember I visited Vietnam a few years ago and many young people I met there told me that they love Taylor Swift’s music, especially when I spoke to young women like me. She’s well-known and respected everywhere. I guess people love her music so much because they can relate to what she sings about. She’s also very beautiful. Those are the reasons I think she’s special. 

It’s amazing how much her singing career has flourished over the years. She’s really at the top of her game. And she must be really wealthy and prosperous because of it. I guess she must also be a very ambitious and smart person because it’s extremely difficult to make it to the top in the music industry. It’s so competitive and there are so many talented singers out there.

I’ve been to see her sing live before. Two years ago, I went to her concert in Paris. My sister and I paid quite a lot for the tickets, but it was worth every penny. The atmosphere at the concert was amazing, it was so much fun. Taylor Swift is a fantastic performer. Everyone was singing along with her songs, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. I would love to see her play live again one day. 

(Word Group Used: ‘Successful Person’)

Successful, Incredibly successful, Accomplished, Winner, Ambitious, Prosperous, Doing well, Wealthy, Affluent, Well-to-do, Thriving business, Flourishing career, Well-respected, Well-known, World-famous, Widely celebrated, Award-winning, Hugely popular, At the top of his game, One of the most famous names in the industry, Made it to the top, Ahead of the game, On a winning streak, Unstoppable, Powerhouse, Top dog, Up and coming.

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Favorite Singer Cue Card Three

Describe your favorite singer.

You should say:

  • Who the singer is 
  • What kind of singer they are 
  • When you listen to their music 

And say why you like them so much. 

I’m going to talk about a singer called Eminem. Eminem is a famous rapper  from the USA, who sings very creative rap songs. He writes all his own music, so he’s a very intelligent, talented musician. His music is very imaginative and inventive. It really sounds different from other kinds of rap music. In my view, his style is one of a kind. It really stands out from the crowd.

I love listening to Eminem music when I’m relaxing at home, or when I’m feeling a little blue or angry. His songs help me change my mood, and they often take my mind to new places. They’re so unconventional and ingenious. I first discovered Eminem’s music when I was younger, and I remember feeling shocked and amazed by all the groundbreaking ideas in his songs and lyrics. I think Eminem was really ahead of his time. His music went against the grain, and because of that, he had a big influence on rap music. 

I like Eminem so much because his music was a big part of my younger years. I always wanted to be a creative thinker, and I was inspired by Eminem’s creativity. His music was so fresh and exciting, and even today, I often listen to his music. 

If I’m completely honest, I have to say I prefer his older songs to the music he’s creating today. I think he was more inventive and original when he was younger. I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps it’s because he was more passionate before he became super famous. So I mostly listen to his older music, and I tend to avoid the newer stuff. 

(Word Group Used: ‘Creative Person’)

Creativity, Imaginative, Inventive, Fresh, Refreshing, Resourceful, Original, One of a kind, Unconventional, Goes against the grain, Stands out from the crowd, Groundbreaking, Ingenious ideas, Full of ideas, A font of ideas, Unconventional thinker, Ahead of her time, Creative thinker, Takes my mind to new places, Thinking outside the box 

Now, It’s Your Turn

It’s time to give this question a go yourself. Nothing prepares you better than practice!

Before you begin, choose a word group and take time to memorize most of the words and phrases. 

Also, think of a short story you can tell related to a singer you like. 

Now, set up the stopwatch on your phone, sit down, and imagine the examiner giving you a cue card that reads, “Describe your favorite singer.”

Prepare for one minute. Then start talking. Try to talk for two minutes without stopping.

Afterward, listen to your recording and notice any mistakes you made. 

Then repeat the process again!

This is a very effective way to prepare for part two of your IELTS Speaking test. 

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